MMORPG Ember Sword Completes Successful First-Ever Land Sale on Polygon

MMORPG Ember Sword Completes Successful First-Ever Land Sale on Polygon

“Coal Sword – a Free-to-Play dream MMORPG game, has effectively finished its first land deal on Polygon, raising an incredible USD $1.5M”

Brilliant Star Studios, a top gaming studio which as of late got $2 million from top level financial backers like Dialectic, Mechanism Capital and Delphi Digital, sold out its first since forever land deal on Polygon with 11,983 land plots sold on Polygon (already Matic Network) in only seven hours. The land deal denotes the primary local land deal on Polygon and shows the interest for gaming and NFT’s in the Polygon biological system just as the nature of designers that Polygon has drawn in the gaming business.

Brilliant Star Studios was established by games industry veterans like Joris Huijbregts, Mark Laursen, Sage Durain, and Loren Roosendaal. The group’s experience is different, comprising of an energetic group of World Champions, Game Industry Veterans, Award-Winning Venture Founders, MMO aficionados, and previous Pro-Players cutting another way ahead for MMOs across PC, Browser, and Mobile. The studio has upset the customary compensation to-win gaming model and permits players to acquire awards through in-game exercises.

Coal Sword is Bright Star Studios cutting edge leader project and is being worked as an affection letter to MMORPG gamers. Players will track down every one of the things they anticipate from a vivid MMORPG, including freestyle sandbox ongoing interaction, a profound legend rich world, uncouth battle, PvP and PvE, a player-driven economy, scant tradeable beautifying agents, a craftsman workshop for local area created NFTs, great character ability movement and an AI director that coordinates interactivity to improve the player experience.

Coal Sword was the principal land deal on Polygon (already Matic Network), for which the organization had opened 11,983 plots from the in-game country of Solarwood which assisted addition with fascinating from 1800 new landowners. Utilizing Polygon, a rapid, low gas foundation, purchasers had the option to buy plots without exorbitant gas costs.

Proven by the enormous premium showed by means of Twitch, the land plots sold out inside 7 hours from the beginning of the deal bringing about a USD 1.5M worth of land sold.

The live stream pulled in excess of 1224 pinnacle watchers on Twitch, with huge interest from the Ember Sword people group.

This will be the first of numerous Ember Sword land deals to be directed on Polygon, and a lot more plots in the game will be made accessible through forthcoming deals.


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